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Please read carefully our privacy policy.

The personal data, collected through the website are administered in compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Law on Personal Data Protection and other applicable regulations.

The collection, processing and storing personal data of the website users is carried out by Need BG Ltd., a company duly incorporated and operating according to the law of the Republic of Bulgaria and registered personal data administrator with certificate, issued by the Bulgarian Commission on Personal Data Protection (CPDP).


The provided personal data we use for providing services and improving your customer experience.

We do not collect personal data, which:

  • disclose race or ethnic origin
  • disclose political, religious or philosophic beliefs
  • disclose membership to political parties, organizations, associations with religious, philosophic, political or trade union goals
  • or data, which refer to the health, sexual life or the human genome
Personal Data

When you use our services, you will be asked to provide information, which will be used only for the provided services. The requested information may refer to: your name, age, address, e-mail, phone and other data required for the successful execution of the services provided through the website. A part of the information is mandatory and the other part is optional. This is indicated in the Contact Form.

Personal Data Storage

We shall store the personal data provided by you for a specified period of time as it is necessary for the goals for which we collect and process these data, as specified herein and on other cases established by law.

We shall render due care to keep your data up-to-date according to and within the data provided by you on a free and voluntary basis and shall comply with your wishes and preferences. Provided that any changes occur in your data (for example a change in your e-mail or any other contact detail) you should inform us about such changes so that we are able to keep the information up-to-date and correct.

The user shall be liable for the provided contact details and other data, which are untrue, false or refer to third persons (in all cases when such third persons have not given their consent about that), as well as for any unlawful or malicious use of personal data and information.

Personal Data Processing

The personal information provided by you shall be used for the purpose specified herein, for analysis of the trends on the Internet and for improvement of the website content and functionality.

Your personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties or organizations and we shall not under any circumstances disclose such information without your explicit consent except as provided by the applicable law or in case of proven misuse of personal data.

We will not sell, rent or otherwise provide for consideration and we will not distribute personal data from your user account to other companies, organizations and third parties.

Our Policy on Log Files Data

When you visit a website, your browser will send many and various data to the web server. Most of the web servers maintain logs users' access. These logs contain data, which may be used for developing the overall picture about the popularity of the sites, the links from other sites and for the different browsers used by the users. We use the information from these logs to prepare statistics for the visiting of the website. Unprocessed data shall not be publicly disclosed and shall be regularly destroyed.

Our policy for provision of data collected in the server logs or accessible through the databases for the website administrators, the social networks and other platforms, contemplates data disclosure in the following cases:

  • Upon receipt of a court ruling, subpoena or another mandatory order by the judicial authorities
  • In case of request in writing by a concerned user or upon receipt of the permission of such user
  • In case of investigation based on complaints for misuses
  • When data disclosure is required in order to solve technical problems
  • If a user vandalizes the content of the Website or other platforms through which the Services are available, demonstrates constant malicious conduct or performs other malicious and unlawful actions, the data about his/her identity may be disclosed in order to enable the tracking of the IP-registers or submit complaints to the relevant providers of Internet services
  • When there is a reasonable need to protect the rights, the property or the security of other users of the Services or other defendable public interest

We use cookies in order to identify the traffic, which comes to the servers from advertising and other websites for assessing the efficiency of the advertisements thereon as well as to ensure more user-friendly interface of the website.

Using cookies is a common and widely spread practice on the Internet. In any case if you have any concerns, you may prohibit your browser to process cookies. In all cases the blocking of the cookies in the browser may result in problems while using our services.

For blocking cookies in the particular browser, learn more here:


Being a personal data administrator, we shall take all required technical and organizational measures in order to protect the data from accidental or illegal destruction or from accidental loss, from unauthorized access, amendment or distribution, as well as other illegal forms of processing.

Measures are consistent with the modern technological achievements and ensure level of protection, which corresponds to the risks associated with the processing and the type of the data, which must be protected.

We do not give any guarantees against unauthorized access to any personal information or a part thereof.

Any changes in the Policy will be published on the website and will be effective from the date specified forward.

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Effective October 1st, 2015

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